[pmwiki-users] new categories

akille.24444274 at bloglines.com akille.24444274 at bloglines.com
Wed Mar 22 12:08:27 CST 2006

Is there a way to automatically create new blank category pages by inserting
markup in another page? For example, inserting [[!NewCategory]] somewhere
and having a blank NewCategory page automatically created?

I'm using the
GroupFooter in the Category group so it isn't clear which categories are new
or not after adding them to pages. 

If it isn't possible to automatically
create a new blank category page like I mentioned above, is there a way to
see which categories are new without removing the GroupFooter?

I had found
a thread related to categories in the mailing list archives, but it was never
clear to me if there was a way to accomplish either of these things. 

for any and all suggestions!

Angela Kille

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