[pmwiki-users] Passing Variables in a Markup

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Mar 22 06:54:54 CST 2006

Thanks Dave, for the suggestion, but I have two questions:

First, I need to not only pass the current page name to the function,
but also an optional parameter such as $nextpage which is used to
forward the browser to a specified next page in certain situations.

Second, after modifying the markup, can I immediately drop $nextpage
wherever needed (several functions in the recipe) or do I need to do
something to declare it?

And while I'm at it, anyone, where can I get some good introductory
documentation on how to do these markups and recipes?  I'd like to
start writing some of my own. I can pretty well figure out what is
happening in a script, and modify one--but would like a better
overview of the ground rules for working with PmWiki.  Would like
something more specific than a general tutorial on php.



On 3/21/06, DaveG <pmwiki at solidgone.com> wrote:
> Something like this should work:
> Markup('htpasswdform', '<split', '/\\(:membership (.*):\\)/ei',
>    "HtpasswdForm(\$pagename, $1)");
> The Editor wrote:
> > Here's a simple question (I think)
> >
> > I am using a recipe called (:membership:).  I'd like to change it to
> > allow me to optionally pass in a variable such as (:membership
> > Group.Name:) and then use that variable in the script.
> >
> > The current markup is
> >
> > Markup('htpasswdform', '<split', '/\\(:membership:\\)/ei',
> > "HtpasswdForm(\$pagename)");
> >
> > Also, please explain how to declare the variable so it can be used in
> > one of the functions in this recipe.  Thanks so much!
> >
> > Caveman
> >
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