[pmwiki-users] AuthUser, logon needed for every page: solution!

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Wed Mar 22 06:23:53 CST 2006

I have some .vu.ch  redirects on my wikipages.
I didn't remark another behavior of authuser.

But I also struggled  a very long time, until authuser did work correctly.
Some strange and irritated results I got  in using  passwords with $ in 
it. $ has  to be quoted when using htpasswd..
What is also irritation that any user with the admin-pw may work, but 
the user itself doesn't work.
Of cource it depends strongly on the auth-configuration.

But some effects are rather amazing. :-)


Daniel Hofer wrote:

>some weeks after testing and big problems, I've found my problem!
>I had to type my read-password on every page.
>First I read all about this problem on pmwiki-homepage.
>I tested on different webservers, with different PHP-versions, no way, it 
>didn't work...
>The problem was:
>i use a ch.vu-domain-redirect, and that seems to be the problem!
>If I open the web with the real domain-name, all is working fine;-)

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