[pmwiki-users] wildcard user name in authuser

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Mar 21 08:25:19 CST 2006

I guess I am misunderstanding what you are looking for.

If you are going to use AuthUser, each member will have to have a
username and password (an account).  If you set the read password to
"whatever", any username with that password will have persistent
access to those pages as soon as they login. Just what you want.

There's probably a way to not use AuthUser, just use a read password,
and create a custom dummy field for their name that's not processed,
but then you don't have any user name stored in the system.  If you
want to capture their login name, you have to have them enter it. 
Which is exactly what AuthUser does.  More notes below:

On 3/21/06, Neil Herber <nospam at eton.ca> wrote:
> At 2006-03-21  08:59 AM -0500, The Editor is rumored to have said:
> >I take it you are manually creating their user accounts, and setting
> >their passwords (using something like HtpasswdForm).  And then
> >notifying them ahead of time what their account name and password are.
> Close, but no cigar. (Back to the barn with you ;-)

My old dilapidated, depracated barn!

> I do not want to have any accounts at all.

If you want to get a user name they need an account.

> I want to have the whole wiki protected by a read password which will
> be issued to people as required.

You can still set site read passwords. They are simply checked against
the password associated with the current user.

> I want them to have to log in with a username (which is not checked)
> and the password, and I want to capture the username as their Author name.
> This may sound insecure or foolish, but from the user point of view,
> they will see a "standard" un/pw login form, fill it in and be able
> to read and edit without having to enter anything else.

Whatever password they enter when they log in is stored in the system,
and used against any future read requirements.  That is, if they
logged in with the right password, they will be able to access any
page that requires that password without having to re-enter it again.

> I want to avoid asking for a read password and then later (when they
> are editing) asking for an Author Name.

When they login this way it will also capture their login name, set
$Author to that name, and fill it in any fields wanting an author
(such as an edit page). The extre config lines I suggested set it so
that even if they try and change their name to something else, it will
go ahead and override it, and save it with their login name. Try it,
and see if it does't work.  AuthUser is an awesome script.

> Neil
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Note: using the FAST Membership recipe make it possible for users to
very simply create their own accounts. You just disseminate your
password, and let them go to town.

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