[pmwiki-users] Author Links?

sti at pooq.com sti at pooq.com
Sun Mar 19 13:58:32 CST 2006

The Editor wrote:
> On 3/19/06, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, Mar 19, 2006 at 10:22:14AM -0500, The Editor wrote:
>>> Is there a way to do a pagelist that shows all the pages either
>>> written by an author, or with an Author's name in it (i.e. comments)?
>> Depends on what you mean by "written by an author".
>> Do you mean "last modified by <author>" or do you mean
>> "ever modified by <author>"?
>> Pm

Have you looked at
to see if it does what you need?

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