[pmwiki-users] Groups and files and changing one's mind

Scott Connard Connard at dsg-inc.com
Sun Mar 19 10:02:48 CST 2006

Dear Experts,

Now that I've got my wiki up and running, I find I really need to  
start using some groups.  Just about everything I've done so far is  
in one group (Main of course), but I really think that I want to  
change the group of all those pages so that I can use Main for other  

I realize I can rename files in Unix, but I notice that each file's  
name is imbedded in the file's contents.  The Main.RecentChanges and  
Site.AllRecentChanges files need to be considered too.  The rename  
cookbook item seems to let me perform this action, but only one file  
at a time (yuck).

Lucky for me, I don't care if I lose my change history at this point  
if I have to.  Since the majority of my pages are in the same group,  
the number of pages with cross-group references is very small and I  
can deal with them manually.


Scott Connard.

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