[pmwiki-users] Farm Discussion

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Sat Mar 18 22:06:33 CST 2006

The Editor wrote:
> Hagan wrote (commenting on Caveman):
>>> The wiki's would be called wiki's (field or home). We do need a term
>>> for the codebase.  I say, call it: Code Base. (aka the Barn).
>> I believe we've decided not to use "field" any more.  A server farm is
>> a collection of servers and a wiki farm is a collection of wikis.
>> That's about it.
> I agree we should stop calling wiki's fields, but I still don't know
> there is any consensus on how to distinguish between field wikis and
> home wikis. 
Why do we need to? It's simply a wiki inside the PmWiki install 
directory. It's no different to any other wiki outside the install 

> At least at this point, these are the two adjectives that
> best seem to fit, and I lean towards sticking with them.
> BTW, my comment about going around in circles was just a response to
> one of the posts re-suggesting we use the word Farm in a couple
> ambiguous ways I thought we had cleared up.  I am all for the progress
> we are making.  It's extremely enlightening to see first hand how this
> whole collaborative wiki-based thing works.  Thanks to all for their
> thoughts and idea.
> Caveman
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