[pmwiki-users] Farm Discussion

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sat Mar 18 21:01:31 CST 2006

Hagan wrote (commenting on Caveman):
>> The wiki's would be called wiki's (field or home). We do need a term
>> for the codebase.  I say, call it: Code Base. (aka the Barn).

>I believe we've decided not to use "field" any more.  A server farm is
>a collection of servers and a wiki farm is a collection of wikis.
>That's about it.

I agree we should stop calling wiki's fields, but I still don't know
there is any consensus on how to distinguish between field wikis and
home wikis.  At least at this point, these are the two adjectives that
best seem to fit, and I lean towards sticking with them.

BTW, my comment about going around in circles was just a response to
one of the posts re-suggesting we use the word Farm in a couple
ambiguous ways I thought we had cleared up.  I am all for the progress
we are making.  It's extremely enlightening to see first hand how this
whole collaborative wiki-based thing works.  Thanks to all for their
thoughts and idea.


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