[pmwiki-users] $PostVars

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sat Mar 18 21:49:48 CST 2006

I'm trying to do some custom login scripts for various sections of my
site and I have it all looking nice, but I see this mysterious
$PostVars line just above the login form.  Here's my page. (I just
modified Site.AuthForm).  Any suggestions?

'''$[Password required]'''\\
Some of my text...

(:if $AuthId:)More text(:if:)


(:if enabled InvalidLogin:)* $[Name/password not recognized]

(:input auth_form:)
(:if enabled EnableAuthUser:)||$[Name]||(:input text name=authid:)||
(:if:)||$[Password]||(:input password name=authpw:) (:input submit
(:input end:)

Also, how can I do something like

(:if auth @somegroup:)some text
(:else:)some other text



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