[pmwiki-users] New FAST Membership Recipe

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sat Mar 18 21:09:15 CST 2006

Hi all!

Just got done uploading my first recipe. If anyone would care to look
it over for suggestions about how to improve it. Like, how do I get it
into the wiki trails, set properties, etc.

This is a slightly modified version of D'Faure's HtpasswdForm recipe
with the ability for new users to create their own accounts.  I
decided to post it as a new recipe because I have some development
goals for it that might cause it to diverge further from D'Faure's
original goals.  Any help tweaking the script to accomplish one or
more of those goals would be much appreciated.

This recipe is a much requested add-on to AuthUser. I don't know how
it will work with thousands of users--but it does not require a
database, which is a plus. It works perfect on my site.

It can be found at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/FASTMembership.
 Thanks for everyone's help. You guys are an amazing community.


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