[pmwiki-users] wiki farm terminology

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Sat Mar 18 09:04:17 CST 2006

Not wishing to revive the discussion if a Farm is a farm with fields or
wikis, and a barn or whatever, I like to question the term
"wiki engine" used in the documentation.

Do we need to use it, as I don't think it helps?
Instead of "how to install the PmWiki engine" I would rather say
"how to install PmWiki", and instead of
"Installing the pmwiki engine outside the web document tree"
rather "Installing PmWiki outside the web document tree".

And what further complicates some descriptions is that there is no
name for "the PmWiki installation directory".
This is not a friendly term, and possibly confusing.
It would be nice to have a short name for it, like "Base directory".
Internally it is named with  variable $FarmD, if I'm correct.

It is potentially confusing, apart from a mouthful, as pmwiki
installs into several directories: the "Base" for pmwiki.php and its
subdirectories scripts/ cookbook/ wikilib.d/ pub/

In fact it may be more helpful to call the "pmwiki installation
directory" simply the "Farm directory", abbreviated as var $FarmD.
And call it that even if there are not several wikis or fields in the
setup. Then we have simply  a single wiki small farm.

Best regards,

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