[pmwiki-users] PmWiki helper functions (SDV,MakeLink etc.)

EuGeNe eugene at boardkulture.com
Fri Mar 17 14:24:08 CST 2006

Hi there,

Developping the AJAXified (:logbook:) I faced a small problem that I 
haven't resolved yet to my full satisfaction.

Most of the PmWiki helper functions seems to be defined in the 
pmwiki.php script which makes using them outside the PmWiki scope 

I guess that in most cases you wouldn't need to but for an 
XmlHttpRequest call you may actually want to do that (I did). Initially 
I thought about copying all the function definition in my script from 
pmwiki.php and use $_SESSION to store all the required global variables 
but SDV was easy but the dependencies of MakeLink make it ... not 
impossible but fastidious (MakeLink->LinkPage-> ... ).

Anyone faced that problem? How did you overcome the problem?

For v 0.5 of (:logbook:) I just asked the user to tweak the code to deal 
with the impossibility to use MakeLink but I am not fully satisfied with 
that option.



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