[pmwiki-users] no umlauts in wikilinks

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Fri Mar 17 06:52:44 CST 2006

Joachim Durchholz schrieb:

>noskule schrieb:
>>I dont no if this is a hostingspecific behavor, so some german wikiusers 
>>maby give a feedback if umlautlinks are correctly working on there 
>>system and if they have to set the config above. Eventualy we could 
>>update the german docu . ..
>FWIW, I dimly recall I had to set up something similar.
>Sometimes, the server will be using the right locale by default. Which 
>means you may get hurt when you relocate to a server that uses a 
>different standard locale.
>Umlaut hassles are the primary reason why I routinely install some UTF-8 
>locale on any server that I administer. I don't care what locale 
>exactly, the main background is that it makes the server recognise any 
>international characters.
>Newer Linux kernels have an option to apply specific locales (actually 
>character sets) to file and directory names. With older kernels, you may 
>get into interoperability issues: if application A runs with an 
>ISO-latin locale and application B uses UTF-8, they won't agree on the 
>characters in a filename, which of the characters are uppercase or not, 
>or even on the number of characters. Linux itself doesn't really care 
>what characters are in a filename, of course...
>I have been considering activating such locale support for my Linux 
>boxes, but I haven't gotten around to pondering the ramifications, so 
>this is still somewhere back on my wishlist. I'd be grateful if anybody 
>shared knowledge on the topic.
so I had two cases:
by my profidor: freebsd, no utf-8 support I had to put the following 
into pmwiki config.php

setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_CH.ISO8859-1');

my local xampp install: ubuntu linux, I had to put the following into 
httpd-languages.conf (apache config on the server):

DefaultCharset ISO-8859-1

both things makes working pmwiki like on pmwiki.org . ..

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