[pmwiki-users] no umlauts in wikilinks

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Thu Mar 16 14:03:31 CST 2006

noskule schrieb:
> I dont no if this is a hostingspecific behavor, so some german wikiusers 
> maby give a feedback if umlautlinks are correctly working on there 
> system and if they have to set the config above. Eventualy we could 
> update the german docu . ..

FWIW, I dimly recall I had to set up something similar.

Sometimes, the server will be using the right locale by default. Which 
means you may get hurt when you relocate to a server that uses a 
different standard locale.

Umlaut hassles are the primary reason why I routinely install some UTF-8 
locale on any server that I administer. I don't care what locale 
exactly, the main background is that it makes the server recognise any 
international characters.
Newer Linux kernels have an option to apply specific locales (actually 
character sets) to file and directory names. With older kernels, you may 
get into interoperability issues: if application A runs with an 
ISO-latin locale and application B uses UTF-8, they won't agree on the 
characters in a filename, which of the characters are uppercase or not, 
or even on the number of characters. Linux itself doesn't really care 
what characters are in a filename, of course...
I have been considering activating such locale support for my Linux 
boxes, but I haven't gotten around to pondering the ramifications, so 
this is still somewhere back on my wishlist. I'd be grateful if anybody 
shared knowledge on the topic.


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