[pmwiki-users] How to stop the creation of a paragraph

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Thu Mar 16 22:35:36 CST 2006

>On a somewhat related note, I'm also still looking for a markup
>that indicates a new paragraph (without needing a blank line).
>So far the leading candidate is still "P:"...

I'm far from a CSS-guru, but I'm wondring whether it wouldn't be more flexible to use a <div> tag instead of a <p>.
As far as I know, you can easy control the <div> to avoid a line-break.
Another problem might be "valid" html, because <p> may not have other block elements. 

from http://www.richinstyle.com/guides/content4.html
"The DIV tag is very similar to the P tag. However, it differs in two main ways: 
1. browsers tend to have a whole blank line between paragraphs, whereas DIV tags just have a line break, 
2. DIV tags may contain other block elements, making them useful for marking logical divisions in documents, 
3.DIV elements must be closed with an end tag"

Pagtrick Ogay

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