[pmwiki-users] Wiki farm confusion

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Mar 15 21:01:10 CST 2006

How about putting it this way:
(Put yourself in the shoes of someone unfamiliar with the technical terms)

>>Standalone wiki - A wiki installation with no farmconfig.php.
>>Wiki farm - An installation with a farmconfig.php that defines $FarmPubDirUrl.
>>Home installation - The base installation in a farm setup (a.k.a. a barn)
>>Home wiki - A wiki in a farm where $FarmPubDirUrl and $PubDirUrl are the same
>>Field wiki - A wiki in a farm where $FarmPubDirUrl and $PubDirUrl
are different

Standalone Wiki:  An installation with one field and one barn
Wiki Farm: An installation with more than one field sharing one barn
Code Base: the barn.  (Could be with or without a field in it)
Home wiki:  The field where the barn is
Field wiki: A field relying on a barn somewhere else

>>You can turn a standalone wiki into a home wiki by installing a
>>farmconfig.php and adding a field wiki that uses the original
>>standalone wiki's files as its home installation.  You can convert the
>>home wiki to a field wiki by installing a second field, then moving
>>the data files over from the home wiki, then after some configuring
>>and renaming of directories you will have a home installation without
>>a home wiki, but with two field wikis.  Now you can move the home
>>installation out of the web document tree for a more secure

You can turn a standalone wiki into a Farm Wiki by adding a new field
that uses your original field's barn. You can convert a home wiki into
a field wiki by moving it away from the barn. To improve security,
move the barn to a safer location.

Seems simpler to me.


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