[pmwiki-users] cron job for Windows question

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Tue Mar 14 08:48:32 CST 2006

Neil Herber schrieb:
> This is a fine and sensible idea with one major flaw - I am in Canada, 
> and most of the users are in Austria.

Oh. Austrians. That explains *everything*.

SCNR. There are many, many jokes about the alleged idiocy of Austrians 
in Germany... and, of course, the Austrians have similarly unflattering 
jokes about the Germans ;-)

That said, your description of your customers fits with many clichés 
about the Austrians, so you may have hit one of those Austrian 
organisations that gave rise to these clichés. (Some bureaucracy, I'd 

 > I get to practice MBWA (management
> by walking around) once or twice a year at the most.

Is there somebody you could tell to do the usability testing for you?
Just have him read "Don't make me think", it's a small, easy-to-follow 
book on web design, with a chapter devoted to usability testing.

I mean... jokes about Austrians aside, your users should be reasonable 
people and able to work with PmWiki.
Unless, of course, they are just opposing to some management move. In 
that case, no usability improvements will help, and every slight problem 
will be inflated to elephanteous proportions. In which case I'd 
recommend writing the project off for anything beyond earning money.


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