[pmwiki-users] cron job for Windows question

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Tue Mar 14 06:09:37 CST 2006

At 2006-03-14  09:17 AM +0100, Joachim Durchholz is rumored to have said:
>Neil Herber schrieb:
> > I have given up trying to fathom the thought processes behind these
> > behaviours.
>Try some usability testing. Walk to that user's workplace, let him do
>some of the things he found frustrating (and do *not* interfere to get
>the full picture of his problems).
>Do that with two or three different users, and you'll see whether it's
>simple boneheadedness or whether there's something that could be
>improved in the UI. (Often a combination: the user is boneheaded, but
>could be nudged in the right direction with a hint in the right place.
>Anyway, I think skin authors would be delighted to read your findings!)

Hi Jo

This is a fine and sensible idea with one major flaw - I am in 
Canada, and most of the users are in Austria. I get to practice MBWA 
(management by walking around) once or twice a year at the most.

I really am a big fan of MBWA. You can often tell more from the 
expression on someone's face than you can find out in hours on the 
phone. One other technique I have tried (with mixed success) is to 
talk to the person on the phone while controlling or watching their 
machine with UltraVNC. Getting it to work through firewalls is not as 
easy as they claim.


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