[pmwiki-users] i18n and XLPages

Roman romat2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 05:49:56 CST 2006

I've noticed this:

'{$SiteGroup}/AllRecentChanges' => '' line was deleted with this
comment: "removed unused page locations". On the other side group
RecentChanges remained (actually '$Group.RecentChanges' => '', was
changed to '$Group/RecentChanges' => ''). I tested it on clean a
installation and localized $Group/RecentChanges doesn't seem to work
either. Does this all mean that PmWiki does not allow localization of
names of AllRecentChanges and RecentChanges pages now?

I also tried to put localized page names in my config.php to
$RecentChangesFmt. It helped to create localized versions of recent
changes but brought another problem - english recent changes are still
updated so for each group I have localized recent changes and english
one. Duplicate pages does not mind to much except for one thing: as an
admin I regularly use action=refcount to find orphan pages. Now I have
for each group two "orphan" pages with recent changes so it's really
hard to find real orphans (I have more then 100 groups).


On 3/10/06, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com> wrote:
> This afternoon I updated all of the XLPage pages to be
> compliant with 2.1.  I also had a script that "re-normalized"
> the phrases in each page to be in the same sequence as they
> appear in the PmWiki.XLPageTemplate.
> For those people who have a favorite language, it might
> be worth reviewing the i18n and XLPages to make sure I didn't
> mess anything up too badly.  Now is also a good time to
> let me know of any other i18n-related items that need to
> be addressed.
> I'll release an  updated i18n.tgz file at the same time as the
> 2.1 release, now less than 33 hours away.  :-)
> Pm
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