[pmwiki-users] Bug in IE

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Tue Mar 14 01:24:36 CST 2006

Monday, March 13, 2006, 10:57:11 PM, The wrote:
> Awhile back I mentioned I had some problems with my page names not
> being spaced.  Here is the code. I used NewPageBoxPlus to create the
> pages (with spaces). I suspect the problem may be there.  You can see
> what I'm talking about at
> http://www.fast.st/fastwiki/fastmissions/index.php?n=Members.ActionTeams.
> I even have the box unlocked if you want to try and create a new team
> yourself.

Sorry site is password protected, I can't see what the problem is.
Do you use $Titlespaced in the skin template, ie:

<a class='titlelink' href='$PageUrl'>$Titlespaced</a>

> MySkin.CSS:

> .nobold a { font-weight:normal; }
> .nobold li a { font-weight:normal; }

> PageListTemplate:

> [[#title]]
> * %nobold%[[{=$Group}/{=$Namespaced}|+]]%%
> [[#titleend]]

> Pagelist command:

> (:pagelist fmt=title list=normal group=somegroup:)

> Also noticed a curious bug in IE would like to fix. In IE, only the
> last list item is not bold.  In FireFox, works as expected (just no
> spaces).  Any suggestions?

Why do you need to use  a class definition for nobold? <a> is by
default not bold. So something in the skin's css sets it to be bold,
and you try to revert it with a class definition? Perhaps you can have
the list in a div (or perhaps it is already in a named div like the
sidebar), and style the div accordingly.


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