[pmwiki-users] Auth User & New User Registration

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Mar 13 19:37:21 CST 2006

> IMHO, making a user self-registration system for PmWiki should only
> rely on what is available in the core, the using of .hpasswd files
> instead of the Site.AuthUser page would (should?) be an optional
> configuration of the recipe.
> Regards,
> Dom

I'd be happy to have a script that allowed users to create an account
and stored it in Site.AuthUser page, but I don't know one that is
available for that either. The nice thing about using an external
password file though, is that is makes it easy to share between farm
fields. I will (eventually) have 3-4 fields all using the same user
base. I suppose the same could be done by setting the Site.AuthUser
page in one field to be shared, but it seems more complicated. And the
HtpasswdForm script, which works so beautifully already, is just a
short step from being able to allow new members to create their own


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