[pmwiki-users] Some comments about (:logbook:) v 0.4

Daniel Friedmann list at linuxing.de
Mon Mar 13 15:08:35 CST 2006

Hello EuGeNe

> 1) Is not a bug as such it was caused by the way I coded the days ... I 
> have now re-factored the code to let wiki administrators use whichever 
> language they like by setting $LogbookDays and $LogbookMonths in 
> local/config.php

Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge of PHP to be able to 
configure these variables.

I tried
$LogbookDays = '(?:Mo|Di|Mi|Do|Fr|Sa|So)';
$LogbookMonths = '(Jan|Feb|März|Apr|Mai|Juni|Juli|Aug|Sept|Okt|Nov|Dez)';
but both lead to a blocking of the page exactly where (:logbook:) was. 
The sidebar was shown half and the main page was empty. So I commented 
out both lines.
How do I have to set the parameters without having to translate the 
values for every new version of logbook?

> 2) That one is a tricky one ... I can't reproduce it but I use 2.0.13 

Anyway, it works like quite well using latest 2.1.0 release. Well done!

> You can get the updated logbook.php and logbook.css on 
> http://www.3kwa.com/Tutorial/Logbook

Would you mind to provide additional download links to the code boxes so 
that one doesn't have to copy and paste and save the code but simply 
download it?

One other point: How can I decrease the font size of the day numbers? I 
tried all possible values like 12px or 120% in the CSS file, however, 
all but the day numbers were changed.

> Hope you'll feel like keeping on using (:logbook:),

I actually do. I've just put it on the sidebar and created an overview 
page for it.

Thanks for you quick response and good bugfix.


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