[pmwiki-users] Some comments about (:logbook:) v 0.3

EuGeNe eugene at boardkulture.com
Mon Mar 13 13:51:45 CST 2006

Daniel Friedmann wrote:
> Hello EuGeNe
>> Following "private" discussions with a couple of PmWiki users interested 
>> in (:logbook:) I have pursued the dev. a bit further and am happy (not 
>> sure if I should be pleased yet) to announce the release of v 0.3.
> Some comments on your updated cookbook:
> 1.
> My logbook on http://spampal.de/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WikiSandbox has 
> some problems with the correct date of the say. Today is actually 
> Sunday, 13 March 2006. Logbook, however, tells me that 13 March is a 
> Saturday which is wrong. FYI, I translated the days into German but how 
> can I also translate the month? Well, I'm using a US Windows XP so maybe 
> that's why the date is shown in English.
> 2.
> There seems to be a big problems with the session_start variable. When I 
> use (:logbook:) near the end of Main.SideBar I get these 4 lines of 
> error message twice on top of Main.SideBar:
> The logbook on WikiSandbox, however, doesn't cause this error message.
> 3.
> Could you highlight the actual date so that everyone knows where to 
> click on that day?

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your comments.

1) Is not a bug as such it was caused by the way I coded the days ... I 
have now re-factored the code to let wiki administrators use whichever 
language they like by setting $LogbookDays and $LogbookMonths in 

2) That one is a tricky one ... I can't reproduce it but I use 2.0.13 
not any of the 2.1 (I should now that Pm as released 2.1.0) Maybe Pm can 
enllighten us on the session bug you encounter. In any case I changed 
the call to session_start() to @session_start() it may make a difference 
can you check when you get a chance? There could be a conflict with 
other cookbook recipes.

3) Done ... today is now clearly visible.

You can get the updated logbook.php and logbook.css on 

I called it v 0.4 as there are new features (which you suggested).

Hope you'll feel like keeping on using (:logbook:),

Best regards,


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