[pmwiki-users] Lost Edits

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Mon Mar 13 07:26:47 CST 2006

At 2006-03-13  12:04 PM +0000, Hans is rumored to have said:
>I created an EditForm which toggles the Preview div, so no more
>downscrolling is necessary.
>I used Cookbook/ShowHide for the toggle buttons, and added style
>definition for simplicity sake into the form (they could as well live
>in a css file).
>See example here:
>to log in for editing:
>user: guest
>password: test
>EditForm is here:
>to see source.
>(note to Neil: this is the one page where hiding the actions in
>edit mode also hides them in browse mode)


I like everything about this solution *except* for the changing 
Preview buttons. I found them very confusing.

It is highly unlikely  that anyone could forget to save before 
leaving this page. Nice implementation. I can't abide the Smileys - 
but that is a personal peeve, and they are easy to remove.


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