[pmwiki-users] Troubleshooting versus FAQ versus Error Messages versus ...?

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Sun Mar 12 06:27:25 CST 2006

 >I'm not a big fan of Q&A style anyways. I already know the question, I'm
 >looking for the answer.

When I'm searching for a solution  I'm usually search for a FAQ because 
a good FAQ
comes from the real practice and treats the common "problems" from the 
view of a newbie. (where the newbie can be an end user, or an 
experienced programmer).
If you start with the dokumentation index, you see all the nice 
features, but in general, it need's a point to start with the software, 
and that's something like the FAQ or a short overview.

IMHO a FAQ should be separated in topic like general (what is GPL, or 
what does't it cost..)
and questions concerning the software, beginning with configuration 
questions and end user questions..

Of course there should also be a programmer's part. Pmwiki is really 
documented very well and many advanced topics are covered in the 
cookbook. I don't know, whether the utility core function of pmwiki are 
documented now.
I think it's a general problem of open source software, that the code is 
the documentation itself. So I think it would be useful to use a doc 
tool like phpdoc, to generate an automatic documentation of the core 

Patrick Ogay

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