[pmwiki-users] Troubleshooting versus FAQ versus Error Messages versus ...?

Susan pmwiki at onebit.ca
Sat Mar 11 20:29:49 CST 2006

My take is:

FAQ and Questions are synonymous. Research in advance of trying 
something, or maybe fine tuning something. Do I want to / how do I use 
this product / skin / recipe? How do I do something?

Troubleshooting is when something doesn't work. You've already tried to 
get it working. Might be critical, might be minor. I'm partial to a tree 
(not necessarily binary) for this. The goal is to get the person to the 
answer as fast as possible.

Error messages are a subset of troubleshooting. The user has tried to 
install it and may have succeeded. Critical and often easy to resolve if 
you know the system.


Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> I'm having difficulty understanding the purpose behind having
> separate pages for 
>     Troubleshooting
>     Error Messages
>     FAQ
>     Questions
> It seems to me that some of these could or should be combined 
> -- any comments or suggestions?
> Pm

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