[pmwiki-users] EditGettingStarted (was: TextFormattingRules and BasicEditing)

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Tue Mar 7 20:14:18 CST 2006

At 2006-03-08  02:57 PM +1300, John Rankin is rumored to have said:
> >I like the page, but thought that lists and paragraphs needed to be
> >separated. Changed.
>Could you explain why?


1) Because the single most common word processing package is MS Word, 
and in the Word "Format" menu, there are several choices starting 
with "Font...", "Paragraph...", and  "Bullets and Numbering...". 
Lists seemed like a better name than "Bullets and Numbering...".

2) I doubt that any new user thinks of a list as a collection of 
paragraphs. They think of it as a series of lines.

3) Your instructions for creating paragraphs says to press "enter" 
twice. But that is not true for most lists, so calling the lines of a 
list paragraphs just seems wrong.

4) If I were doing a search for how to create a list, I would *not* 
look for "paragraph". I would look for "lists" or "bullets" or 
"bullet(ed) lists" or "numbered lists.

5) Although it doesn't matter a whit to most authors, the actual HTML 
markup is "list" markup. Not that the names of HTML entities should 
govern PmWiki, but it doe let me add anothe list item.  ;-)


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