[pmwiki-users] New AuthUser documentation | edit collisions

Susan pmwiki at onebit.ca
Tue Mar 7 11:40:42 CST 2006

Might still be worth adding a note if you're working on it, especially 
if you're working offline. (I often copy to my favourite text editor to 
do the work, or even to the laptop, rather than stay connected to the 
live wiki, especially for stuff I have to think about.)

kirpi at kirpi.it wrote:
>>Have you (or could you) flag the other pages
>>that need updates so that those of us
>>with a few cycles can help?
>>On pages that require a lot of work,
>>I would be inclined to put a note on the page
>>while working on it to try and mitigate
>>simultaneous edit collisions.
> Don't worry, Neil.
> Quite soon PresenceAwarenessLight wil be available for AuthUser: that
> will smartly mitigate simultaneous edit collisions.
> ;-)
> Luigi

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