[pmwiki-users] Skin is missing

kjettil kjettil at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 6 06:53:54 CST 2006

   Having been introduced to pmWiki, I a few days ago downloaded and 
installed the latest version on my portable (XP, EasyPHP). I've been 
very impressed by it's possibilities and I've successfully played with 
and modified various skins and recipes. So, I wanted to put it into 
operation for a couple of websites, to be maintained by non-IT-inclined 
people. To start testing on a hosted server I
   1 - uploaded/copied the installation I had working perfectly on my 
portable to the host server. Result: Skin not recognized, links not 
working. Thought it had something to do with portability, so I
   2 - downloaded a fresh latest version, unzipped, config.php 
configured, etc and uploaded it all, carefully following the 
installation instructions. Same result: Sidebar and start page shown but 
without skin and links from that page are not working.
  What's wrong? config.php configured in right place, skins present, 
wiki.d exists, .htaccess allowed by host, etc. Any hint on what I should 
be looking for?

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