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OBUTEX / Hladůvka admin at obutex.com
Tue Mar 7 02:23:19 CST 2006

Thanks for the advice but sorry, that's not it. ASCII transfer didn't help.
I have SomeGroup.GroupAttributes
passwdread=id:Cogley, at topman, at mandc<CR,LF>
which works correctly ( on other hand when there was LF *only* the 
passedread box was empty ?!)

Checking other pages I found that only certain parts are not rendered - 
Headings are correct, (:toc:) is correct
but (:include ... :) is not, (:table ...:) is not for the first row and 
some of the following table rows are rendered but corrupted.

If you have a look into rendered html source text you can find codes like

<a name='toc3' id='toc3'></a><h3>3&nbsp; __1579 OBUV - IRENA RYBSKA</h3>
<p>(:table cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 border=1:)
(:cellnr align=right:) fa
(:cell align=right:) datum
(:cell align=right:) splatná
(:cell align=right:) celkom
(:cell align=right:) zostatok
(:cell align=right:) meąká
</p><table ><tr><td  valign='top'>pp
</td><td  valign='top'>popis
<p>(:cellnr align=right:) 6000717 
(:cell align=right:) 22.02.2006
(:cell align=right:) 09.03.2006
(:cell align=right:) 10 753
(:cell align=right:) 10 753
(:cell align=right:) 
</p></td><td  valign='top'>B4
</td><td  valign='top'>Fb4 5

which should be a table with 2 rows and 7 collumns.
The  <table>  tag  is totaly out of order


Patrick R. Michaud napsal(a):
> On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 11:53:18PM +0100, OBUTEX / Hladůvka wrote:
>> I generate a lot of pages and test them on my notebook and everything is OK.
>> (WinXPP, AbyssWebserver)
>> [...]
>> Then I decided to upload them on public server (webhosting - linux, 
>> PHP4) and there are the pages corrupted.
>> Title,Pagelists,advanced tables markups do not work, toc markup is OK ...
>> [...]
>> I tried a  lot of variants of file format with no success.
>> the last version of the format is:
>> newline=%0a<CR,LF>
>> title=some title<CR,LF>
>> text=(:title some title:)%0a(:pagelist ....... :)%0a
>> ...
>> In my notebook it works perfectly, in intranet it works perfectly, but I 
>> can get crazy on
>> http://www.obutex.com/crm/index.php/Test/Faktury
> The Linux version of PHP appears to be getting confused by the
> carriage returns in the page files (I'm not sure why).  For now,
> try transfering the files using "ASCII" transfer mode instead of 
> binary, so that it will automatically convert CR,LF to LF and
> vice versa as appropriate.
> Oh, wait, I bet I do know why... under Linux, the 
>     newline=%0a<CR,LF>
> is telling PmWiki that the newline separator is "%0a<CR>", because
> in Unix a newline is just an <LF> by itself.  I don't have a quick
> fix for this at the moment, but transferring the files in ASCII
> mode should work. 
> Pm
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