[pmwiki-users] selfgroup class & $GroupHeaderFmt

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Mar 6 14:46:12 CST 2006

hm, I intend to use it for the orizontal navigation (see: 
http://pmwiki.netstreams.org  NetstreamsSkin, PmWiki). The idea is, that 
as long a user browses in the pmwiki group the link on the horizontal 
nav is highlightned and if he change to NetstreamsSkin group the  
NetstreamsSkin link is hightlightnet . . ..

OBUTEX / Hladůvka schrieb:

> Not sure if this is what you need;
> I succeed with a pagelist template Site.PageListBygroupT
> [[#bygroupT]]
> (:if equal {=$Group} {=$Name}:)
> [[{=$FullName}|+]]
> (:if:)
> [[#bygroupTend]]
> then using
> (:pagelist   fmt=Site/PageListBygroupT order=title:)
> we can have  a list  of  groups  home pages  titles  assuming  the  
> $Name  =  $Group
> noskule napsal(a):
>> hi list
>> I would like to use  a page like left sidebar or  HorizontalNav (in 
>> NetstreamsSkin) as kind of sitedirectory that shows the existing 
>> groups(with links  points to there homepages) an highlights the 
>> current group. So with selflink I can highlight the current page. 
>> Now, is there a way tho hilight  Links that points to homepages  if 
>> there groupname is equal with the name of the current group?  It 
>> could probably be done with conditional markup, but the problem there 
>> is to overwrite  the linkclass via css, cause every link is allready 
>> specified. Most nice it would be if it could assigned to  *.PageName 
>> via skin.php
>> somthing else . .. I did try to disable GroupHeaderFmt in skins.php, 
>> but this didnt work. In config php it works.
>> $GroupHeaderFmt = '';
>> $GroupFooterFmt = '';
>> Could this somhow also be done in skins.php or are there reasons to 
>> not do it?
>> grz nos

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