[pmwiki-users] selfgroup class & $GroupHeaderFmt

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Mar 6 12:22:20 CST 2006

hi list
I would like to use  a page like left sidebar or  HorizontalNav (in 
NetstreamsSkin) as kind of sitedirectory that shows the existing 
groups(with links  points to there homepages) an highlights the current 
group. So with selflink I can highlight the current page. Now, is there 
a way tho hilight  Links that points to homepages  if there groupname is 
equal with the name of the current group?  It could probably be done 
with conditional markup, but the problem there is to overwrite  the 
linkclass via css, cause every link is allready specified. Most nice it 
would be if it could assigned to  *.PageName via skin.php

somthing else . .. I did try to disable GroupHeaderFmt in skins.php, but 
this didnt work. In config php it works.

$GroupHeaderFmt = '';
$GroupFooterFmt = '';

Could this somhow also be done in skins.php or are there reasons to not 
do it?

grz nos

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