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christine the sprite sunhawk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 01:02:21 CST 2006

> On 3/5/06, christine the sprite <sunhawk at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > ...now i am trying to discover how to organize the pages i want to
> create
> > for my site.  Basically i want to create a wiki where people can write
> > tutorials to share with others and make that page-creation process as
> > painless as possible.  May i ask, is there a simple way to organize wiki
> > pages into categories?  I would love if the left-side menu bar i
> currently
> > have could be expanded or an alphabetical categories list page could be
> set
> > up.
> >
> Hi:
> Who's your user-base - will your users all get any instruction before they
> begin to contribute, or will some participants need an intro to wiki and a
> little "yes, you really can click 'edit'" hand-holding?
> Do you already know what most of the categories will be, so you can
> pre-populate a list and then have an "Other" category, where material can
> go
> until it gets reviewed and distributed?
> Have a look at the "NewPage" recipes - maybe one of these would be useful:
>   - NewPageBox <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/NewPageBox> :
>   Provide a form to create new pages (simple)
>   - NewPageBoxPlus <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/NewPageBoxPlus>:
> As
>   NewPageBox with additional options
>   - New Page Form <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/NewPageForm> :
>   Adds a new page using a form (more advanced)
>   - Add PageForm <http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/AddPageForm> : Add
>   pages without having to place their name on another page first
> Do you want to use the existing "Category" tagging, or will you use
> wikigroups to organize you content?  If tagging, then get your Category
> wikigroup set up:
> 1) Create Category.Category
> 2) Create Category.GroupFooter
> hth,
> Tegan
> *******************************************
Hello Tegan!

I will try to explain my concept without getting too wordy about it.
Basically I want to create a tutorial database for artists who want to learn
the basics of multimedia;  this is my senior thesis project for my current
degree in Fine Art and Multimedia.  I've done a lot of interviewing with my
art peers and they generally can do little more than surf the web, compose
emails and use word processors.  So i would definitely need to do as much
hand-holding as possible because a LOT of the stuff we take for granted is
completely foreign to them.  The reason I chose to use a wiki is that I am
hoping to create a page that explains to them how to write simple text wiki
pages so they can create their own tutorials in their own words to explain
things like using a scanner, simple HTML, and other basic digital tasks.

So to answer your question, I will need a primer page for any new users as
well as other clear instructions along the way and I am aiming to make the
interface as clean and simple as possible.  Right now I have a simplified
Gemini skin on my PmWiki and all i really need is to have the left sidebar
with a list of topics/categories (preferably expandable) with a link to
where they can go to add their own tutorials, and then the main table where
the tutorials appear.  The categories part may be redundant since the Search
function of this wiki seems to be very helpful in that regard.

I do have some pre-planned categories.  Hmmm are you suggesting I have a
category just for unreviewed topics and then I re-categorize them myself
later?  I was a little concerned about quality control for the tutorials,
the idea of some form of moderation does sound intriguing.

The term Wikigroup is new to me, I will look it up and get back to you about
whether I intend to use them or not.  Thank you for your suggestions, I will
be saving them for later use :)

And now I will be trying to figure out how to get the Admin and Edit
passwords I set up to work properly, it seems my upload password works (ie
the wiki asks users for it) but the rest do not ask me for a password which
is obviously not correct :/

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