[pmwiki-users] PublishPDF version 2.0.2 released

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Sun Mar 5 22:17:31 CST 2006

See http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/PublishPDF

The main new features are:

- a new (:2column:) directive instructs the typesetting server 
  to set the page in 2 columns -- the page content has to be 
  suitable for 2 column output; if it contains long tables, wide 
  tables or large images, the server may be unable to create a pdf

- the :+ continued paragraph markup extension now works in 
  regular paragraphs as well as in lists

- unlike the pmwiki default skin, the wikipublisher-aware
  latexpmwiki skin supports text logos as well as image logos;
  it now does a better job of detecting that an image logo is being
  used -- switching to the latexpmwiki skin should now no longer
  cause the image address to splash across the top of the page;
  whether you use a text or image logo, it should "just work"

- the optional latexrender equation recipe now works correctly
  in wiki farms

The release notes are at:

There will shortly be a revised version of the PDF server available 
to provide server-side support for the 2 column and :+ paragraph 
continuation features, via a revised .xsl file. I'll advise when it's

As the brevity of these notes indicates, development is winding down 
and I don't expect major changes in the near future.
John Rankin

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