[pmwiki-users] Random Page's title?

Comit sam at usamedia.tv
Sat Mar 4 01:16:07 CST 2006

I added a random page link to my wiki's nav bar.  It's a simple page; all it 
is is:

(:pagelist group=SWC order=random count=1 fmt=#include list=normal:)

One of the annoyances though is that it that unless the random page it 
selects has a custom title markup, the title is just "Random Page" which is 
a problem as a few shorter articles depend on and can be confusing without 
their proper title.

Any possible solutions?

It would also be nice if the edit would take you to the selected page's 
edit, but I doubt that's possible so no biggy.

- Com | wiki.swcity.net 

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