[pmwiki-users] CleanUrls, again (was: Putting ".html" extensions...)

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Fri Mar 3 17:10:53 CST 2006

At 2006-03-03  10:30 PM +0100, Joachim Durchholz is rumored to have said:
>I think the main problem with CleanUrls is that this configuration of
>PmWiki doesn't clearly distinguish file URLs from wikipage URLs. A wiki
>page looks like
>    ...path/to/wiki/Group/Name
>while a file URL looks like
>    ...path/to/wiki/pub/skins/pmwiki
>What makes matters worse is that anybody could create a "Pub" group, and
>on a case-insensitive file systems, the administrator will be utterly
>confused why
>    ...path/to/wiki/Pub/MyPub
>is served in an entirely different way than
>    ...path/to/wiki/pub/mypub/pmwiki.css
>(until he's reminded that URL space is always case-sensitive... but even
>if you know that, it's easy to confuse that if you're in a hurry).

If my wikis are any example, then URL space is NOT case-sensitive. I 
am running Apache 2 on Windows 2000 Server and all of these URLs 
return the same page:


Or do I misunderstand what you mean here?


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