[pmwiki-users] Getting unstyled HTML from the wiki

Robin robin at kallisti.net.nz
Wed Mar 1 22:28:54 CST 2006

Is it possible to get completely skin-less HTML from PmWiki? The reason for 
this, is I want to embed a help system into a program. What I would like to 
do is write the documentation on the wiki, and then when I build a version of 
the program, it scrapes the latest version off the wiki page, without the 
skinning, crawls it to pick up the images and linked-to pages, and chucks 
them into the program's build directory. 

Would the best way be for me to write a totally minimal skin (pretty much just 
header, footer, and insertion point for the wiki page) and 
use ?skin=something, or is there a better way?

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