[pmwiki-users] Forms ...check out Jotform.com

Rene Visco rvisco at csdr-cde.ca.gov
Wed Mar 1 16:27:25 CST 2006


I have tested Jotform.com

http://www.jotform.com  it's very simple and easy to use.   Very easy 
WYSIWYG form editor.  It's a breeze.

I was able to use it on a wiki page and make sure you create a "Thank 
you for filling out a form" wiki page so you can put the URL for users 
when they complete the form.  (I used enablehtml.php to enable the HTML 

Jotform even exports the form results in excel, cvs, etc.  It's a nifty 
web app!

Rene V.

On Mar 1, 2006, at 2:17 PM, pmwiki-users-request at pmichaud.com wrote:

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> Subject: [pmwiki-users] Can a form input create a page?
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> Imagine I have a wiki page with a form, say (just an example):
> Name
> Surname
> Address
> Phone
> Email
> Others
> Can I, as I submit the form, let it create a wiki page Name.Surname
> and containing all (or part) of the input values?
> Luigi
Rene Visco

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