[pmwiki-users] rewrite rules and notification

Thomas N. Burg mail at randgaenge.net
Wed Jun 21 15:41:04 CDT 2006


pmwiki is really fantastic!

Still 2 other challenges before I'm done -  Maybe you can help me to  
sort this out.

I'd like to get rid of the Main. Group for the pages I created. I'm  
using rewrite rule in the htaccess but no idea how to get this done.  
Typing the address (http://blogtalk.net/Program) in the browser  
redirect to http://blogtalk.net/Main/Program .

Somehow notification doesn't work. Here are my settings. Any ideas  
what I left out or forgot?

$notify='editor at randgaenge.net';
$NotifyFrom = 'BlogTalk <wiki at donotreply.blogtalk>';
$NotifyItemFmt =" * \$FullName . . . \$PostTime by \$Author\n\$PageUrl";
$NotifyTimeFmt = 'm-H:%M';  # 2004-03-20 17:44
$NotifySubjectFmt='BlogTalk Website Changes';

Thank you very much.

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