[pmwiki-users] PmWiki slow/Benchmark ?

Petko Yotov 5ko at free.fr
Sun Jun 18 11:00:34 CDT 2006

On Sunday 18 June 2006 15:15, Pierre-Marie Carette wrote:
> ovh = 25/30 sec
>   ifrance = 4 sec   nearly
> The same cookbook, the same pub the same pmwiki....all the same
> I give you the adress to try yourself
> http://www.auberge-alleuze.org/fe/pmwiki.php5?n=FidelioEspoir.Intro =
> 4,941 sec
> http://fidelioespoir.org/FidelioEspoir.Intro = 12,793 sec

I have had the same stop times on several pages. There may be numerous reasons 
for these differences. The Plan90 are the most heavily charged servers in 
OVH, so if on iFrance they have less load, this may be the reason. In a 
mutualized hosting it also depends on the other people's applications. PmWiki 
opens several files on the filesystem, and depending on your skin and page 
(:include:)s it opens even more; if other people use also more the 
filesystem, it may be slower; if all other use MySQL, PmWiki may be faster. 
It also depends on the day and time peak times for your site and for other's.

I think a benchmark of the hosting providers, that you suggested, is a great 
idea. I can set sample installations on Free.fr (both php4 and php5) and on 
Online.net (php4). We have to think of what is a good testing configuration.

I think of:
* the default skin with the $stopwatch
* no or very few extensions
* AuthUser with Site/AuthUser
* a very big (20-30 kB), well formatted text (all standard formatting)
* on top of page: instructions how to do the test (some reads/writes/history)
* some pagelists
* some page includes
* you tell me what else

Then, this configuration is zipped and everyone interested may download and 
test it, and tell the others.

What do you think a PmWiki benchmark needs to have?


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