[pmwiki-users] Google not always Google?

bram brambring bram.brambring at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 13:04:19 CDT 2006

> Doing a simple one word search "evnsong" on that bar turns up a markedly
> different result from the same word used in the Google tool bar in Firefox.
>  I sure would have thought they would be the same.   They aren't
> The appearance is that Earthlink keeps a local "web" database and "perhaps"
> sells, barters, gives? position as it sees fit and does not update it from
> the master Google very often.

Google is not just one database, google has several (20+ I think)
datacentres. And all there data is different.

In the past there where periodic synchronisations of the databases the
famous 'Google dance'  when everything started to move. Today the
synchronisation appears to be more smoothly
(there are still earthquakes going on in the google rankes, the google
updates this is when google changes the algorithms, the change is
usually started at a single database and the implementet and the next
and so on)

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