[pmwiki-users] Quick/easy way to check if page is passwd protected?

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 11:49:54 CST 2006

Christian suggested using the same core script for Emacs. The script
I've written (pywe - Python Wiki-Editor) will accept any editor. The
core behavior is the same as pmwikieditor, which was to pull the
content via ?action=source, save to a temporary file, edit temporary
file, write temporary file back. I'm going to be adding the ability to
just pull the file into a named file, and to feed a named file into a
wiki, as well.

So, the current CLI version does not care what the editor is--the user
sets via argument or preference file.

Although, the next step will be to write a GUI (that will work on
Linux, Mac and Win32) that will preform quasi WYSIWYG editing
functionality. That will be the daunting task.


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