[pmwiki-users] MimeTex

Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Wed Aug 30 12:23:21 CDT 2006

The buildup of the Wiki site I plan to use for a textbook is 
continuing.  The next step is to add the ability to add and edit 
mathematical formula.  As far as I can see, there are three 
alternatives in the Cookbook:


The formulas from the first one did not look right to me, besides I am 
partial to LaTex (even if I have very limited experience with it).  So 
for that reason alone it should be one of the last two.

The Cookbook for MimeTex looks fine, but it seems that that one has 
and can compile using cc.  Not impossible I guess, even if I am using 
Windows, I am also using Apache, so that part might work, but ...  I 
am not sure

As for the last one, it is obvious that the scripts are oriented 
towards Linux, which is resonable, given the name, so are the 
instructions.  I do have the full LaTex installed on my machine I 
guess (since I sometimes use Lyx).

If my guess is right, both recipes are oriented towards Linux.  Which 
is a pity for me.  I might be wrong.  In any case, what are the 
alternatives for a Windows user?


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