[pmwiki-users] Automated WikiTrails.

Stirling Westrup sti at pooq.com
Tue Aug 29 02:22:48 CDT 2006

For the first time I needed to set up a wikitrail, and I was surprised
to find no way to do what I wanted. Here's what I need:

On one wiki I have a group called Stories in which I'm posting short
stories that I'm writing. Each Story has an introductory page such as
StoryTitle and a pagelist of the chapters, which are numbered
StoryTitle-01, StoryTitle-02, ... and so on.

On each StoryTitle-NN page, I want a wikitrail to the previous chapter
(if any), the next chapter (if any), and the main StoryTitle page
itself.  Thus I want a heading on Stories.StoryTitle-03 that looks like:

<< [[StoryTitle-02]] | [[StoryTitle]] | [[StoryTitle-04]] >>

Now I would ideally like to put something in the GroupHeader for the
whole Stories group which would put an appropriate wikitrail at the top
of any page that matches /-[0-9]+$/, but I can't see how to do that.

The intent is that all I need to do to add a new chapter to StoryTitle
is to simply save it in the Stories group with its chapter number and it
will gain an appropriate wikitrail while the StoryTitle page will be
automatically updated.

Any ideas on how I could best do this?

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