[pmwiki-users] Need help with

Bhavinkumar Panchal bhavinkumar.panchal at jcu.edu.au
Mon Aug 28 21:18:58 CDT 2006

Hi folks,

I need help with UpdateForm recipe,
ultimately i need help with something like,
How we do html forms and hit submit and POST data would get into database thru redirected script.

It seems to me UpdateForm recipe would help me.
I setup UpdateForm recipe on my wiki and code is like the given below.
(:update form table=blogcategid fields=bcID,blogcateg where=bcID "pmwiki.php?n=Blog.BlogSave":)
Create a Blog Category: (:update text bcID :)
Create a Blog ID: (:update text blogCateg :)
(:update submit value="Save Data":)
(:update end:)

it redirects alright but this one never updates my table in mysql.
Please help.

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