[pmwiki-users] Edit modes question. How to jump to end of textarea automacticly

Bart pmwiki-users at mediamatrix.nl
Mon Aug 28 08:57:52 CDT 2006

On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 08:32:36AM -0500, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
| On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 03:23:00PM +0200, Bart wrote:
| > Edit modes question. How to jump to end of textarea automatically
| Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a browser-independent mechanism to
| do this.  It has to be done with Javascript, and some browsers 
| just don't allow cursor control in the textarea.
| > When I go to edit mode ( hitting Alt-e ) I like to jump the end of the
| > textarea automatically. 
| > [...] I searched pmwiki.org and found the Alt-, to do this for the edit
| > cursor, but with much text on my page the cursor jumps to the end, but the
| > scrollbar of the textarea does not and the cursor jumps out of sight. I also
| > have to hit PageDown to jump the scrollbar to the end of the text.
| What browser are you using?  In Firefox on my system, hitting
| Alt+comma sends the cursor to the end, and the first character I type
| moves the scrollbar automatically.

I am also using Firefox  and was not aware that typing a character
after Alt+comma does display this behavior. Thanks for pointing this out :-)

I tested IE 6 (which I hardly use) and with Alt+comma it both jumps and
scrolls down it's a pity Firefox doesn't do this. Any Firefox dependent way
to achieve this, preferable without javascript, is still very welcome.

| > Ideal would be to have a extra link in the PageAction menu e.g. "append"
| > performing this action.
| There will be an action like this available soon, except that the
| textarea will be initially empty, and whatever is typed will
| automatically be appended to the current page (i.e., for handling
| of comments).  So, what you're looking for still sounds different.
| As opposed to ?action=append, perhaps ?action=edit&cursor=end is more
| like what we're looking for (if we can figure out a good way to get
| the cursor to position itself to the end of the textarea content, 
| that is).
| Pm

Yes ?action=edit&cursor=end is what we are looking for here. I was not aware
of: action=append as specified is allready work in progress. Good idea
anyway :-)

Thanks for the quick response 

The Netherlands

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