[pmwiki-users] action:editmenu

JB jbit at ev1.net
Mon Aug 28 08:19:59 CDT 2006

> One thing I have really like about PmWiki is its extremely small
> download size.  My eyes popped out the first time I downloaded it.
> The key to that is only putting essential functionality into the core,
> and leaving all the many configurations to site administrators.
> Markup('editmenu', 'inline', '/\(:edit menu (.*?):\\)/', '<a
> href="$ScriptUrl/$1/Sidebar?action=edit">Edit Sidebar</a>');

Adding this code will have very little impact on the size.

> Why create a special markup that will only work for a single
> page (and that has to be documented, maintained, etc.)?  Is 
>    [[Site.SideBar?action=edit | edit sidebar]]
> really *that* difficult to type, and does it occur often enough
> to warrant its own special markup?

Isn't there a menu for each group?  Can't a PMWiki have more than
one menu?  It is difficult for a new user to understand it.
See PmWikiPhilosophy: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/PmWikiPhilosophy

    1. Favor writers over readers
    5. Be easy to install, configure, and maintain

Also, I bet more people want to edi the menu about 100 times
more than they use these actions:


If these actions warrant their own special action certainly
editing the menu does!

If it is a size issure, surely you could take out one
of the less used features and include this much more 
likeley to be used feature.

So there are a million PMWiki site out there, that means 
that an admin has to add that code to their config.php 
for each farm/site.  This would save a lot of work.

Everyone new to PMWiki will certainly easily understand


but this url is confusing

    [[Site.SideBar?action=edit | edit sidebar]]

It is more consistent and parallel construction.

I also would like that after editing the menu it returns
to the normal view instead of displaying the menu in the page
area.  How about returning to the group homepage after editing 
a menu?  Or maybe the last webpage that was viewed before editing 
the menu. That was also way confusing to me when I first started 
using PMWiki.  I have been a programmer since 1978, think how 
confusing it would be to a less technical person!

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