[pmwiki-users] action:editmenu

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Aug 28 04:13:59 CDT 2006

One thing I have really like about PmWiki is its extremely small
download size.  My eyes popped out the first time I downloaded it.
The key to that is only putting essential functionality into the core,
and leaving all the many configurations to site administrators.

This way the person that wants a feature can have it, just about
whatever it might be, but not everyone else is forced to download that
feature everytime they do an upgrade.


PS.  If you need help getting something done, the list folks are
usually really good about supplying it.  This little markup *might*
work for (:edit menu <group>:) though I haven't tested it.  Just drop
it in your config file:

Markup('editmenu', 'inline', '/\(:edit menu (.*?):\\)/', '<a
href="$ScriptUrl/$1/Sidebar?action=edit">Edit Sidebar</a>');

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