[pmwiki-users] By way of introduction

Ross Bomber rossbomber at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 27 10:12:34 CDT 2006

How the hell do i block you guys' email?  I get about 100 emails from 
pmwiki-users and its pretty rediculous.

>From: Andrew Standfield <andy at scruffyco.com>
>To: pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com
>Subject: [pmwiki-users] By way of introduction
>Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006 02:22:21 -0700
>New to the group, figured I should introduce myself. I'm Andy (aka
>vertigo25). I just put up my wiki, and would love for you all to come
>and check it out... let me know what you think, etc. It's still a bit
>sparse, but I'm working on it. Wanted to get the layout and design
>*just so* before diving too far in.
>Anycow... it's at http://www.vertigo25.com/
>I'm particularly happy with the Captain Blood section, so have a look
>there, too: http://www.vertigo25.com/Writing/CaptainBlood
>Any and all suggestions, comments, critiques, etc. are welcomed and
>encouraged. You can leave them there, or here... either way.
>Oh... and BTW... if you have IE 5, IE 6, or IE 7, I'd love
>screenshots of anything you find wrong or buggy. My 24 hour trial of
>BrowserCam ran out a bit too soon :)
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