[pmwiki-users] By way of introduction

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Tue Aug 1 04:22:21 CDT 2006

New to the group, figured I should introduce myself. I'm Andy (aka  
vertigo25). I just put up my wiki, and would love for you all to come  
and check it out... let me know what you think, etc. It's still a bit  
sparse, but I'm working on it. Wanted to get the layout and design  
*just so* before diving too far in.

Anycow... it's at http://www.vertigo25.com/

I'm particularly happy with the Captain Blood section, so have a look  
there, too: http://www.vertigo25.com/Writing/CaptainBlood

Any and all suggestions, comments, critiques, etc. are welcomed and  
encouraged. You can leave them there, or here... either way.

Oh... and BTW... if you have IE 5, IE 6, or IE 7, I'd love  
screenshots of anything you find wrong or buggy. My 24 hour trial of  
BrowserCam ran out a bit too soon :)


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